This morning I went to school as usual. I’m very ready for the day. by bringing the cartolina paper we made yesterday, I’m sure the class will be very cool today because I use Tagalog and Language for information on the cartolina paper

This morning I attended the ceremony first, along with other friends of Sea-Teacher, after that I went to the office to see Ma’am Grace, but she found a meeting. and there is no class for ABM Jobs


after Ma’am Grace finished meeting, I consulted Ma’am Grace at the office about today’s meeting. and it turns out that M’am Grace gave me something 🙂

She said that I had to drink lots of water by giving me a drink bottle. 🙂

the gift from ma’am grace is in the bag, there is a cute keychain, there is our photo, the calculator is :). you know that as an accounting student I don’t have a calculator: D

I am grateful to have a mentor like Ma’am Grace. thank you very much










today, my class is changed to 2 to 4 p.m. for the first class is ABM Zuckerberg. of course, the cartolina paper that I brought made them laugh even more with the material that I delivered.

after I was hired, one of the student sang in front of me. the others cheered and I was confused. and I stare at the ma’am grace by saying to myself, what happened?


I was very moved but didn’t cry and also very happy. this is the surprise of my mentor and students.

in ABM Gates, I’m not a bit I’m gonna get another surprise. but one class brought me a blue balloons, according to my favorite color, then they sang my favorite song from Jason Mraz which came with I’m Yours. I am very grateful .



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