Teaching Methods

The methods in SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL based on questions, the teachers always ask to students. The question is always connected with the environment theirs know. And teacher always repeat the question. It causes the students to understand quickly. Also the teacher always say “MAGALING” to students if their correctly answer. That’s can make good feels for pupils and created more attention to the lesson. From the questions, students can guess what of the topic in the lesson. The method is like inquiry learning.

 Learning Materials and Innovation

The materials based on curriculum, book. Teacher can add other materials like pictures on cartolina papers. For innovation, teacher use “Indonesian word” and give an example of related their.

Sources Of Learning and Technology

For sources of learning the teachers at PSU Integrated School – High School Department using from K-12 curriculum, and the others sources is from subjects book. Use learning media with technology such as projector, video, etc. In additional can use work sheets.