Planning For Teaching

The teacher before teaching in his/her class. He/She is arrange the lesson plan. What are the activities in the class as long as His/her teach.

Preparing Lessons and Materials

Teachers always preparing lesson before their teaching like preparing lesson plan, preparing materials, making materials, so when teacher teaching step by step is complete. Teacher use media learning like pictures on cartolina paper .

Teaching In class

In the beginning, the teacher will explain and discuss the previous lesson. Ask students about the previous lesson, to check student understanding. Quickly recap the previous topics before starting the main activity.

 After that, the teacher will give pictures to students and ask students. Questions and pictures will lead to learning topics. But in this step, the teacher does not tell what the topic is.

In developing the lesson, the teacher will give questions and other images again, and the teacher will ask students for words related to the topic. The teacher will repeat the question or ask students to think about another example.In generalization, the teacher will ask students, “what is the topic?” And students can determine what the subject is. And after that the teacher will ask students to explain or what the meaning of the topic is. Students will conclude the lesson from the answers they answered. then, the teacher will repeat the topic again, the teacher will ask the student again about the topic.

 At the end of the lesson, the teacher will give the question to be a Assignment

Measurement and Evaluation

The teacher will assign assignments to certain topics. And this is included in the assessment