Procedures of Teaching

In the beginning, I will greet “Indonesian Word” so they are curious and pay attention, and then I will review lessons to ensure students understanding. After that, I will give some motivation to students, such as giving them pictures or something interesting to make students curious. And after that the teacher will do question and answer until students understand and they can guess the topic of the lesson. Students will not immediately be able to guess the topic of learning, so the teacher must repeat the question, but the question must be from another object. and I will ask students to give examples to several others, if they can give examples to others it shows that they have begun to understand. In learning I will give awards such as saying “Magaling” to according to the situation. At the end of the lesson, I gave a question as an evaluation.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

My supervisors give me some tips how to control a class as follow:

  1. If there are students who are not paying attention teacher can:
  • Ask students questions with a seat plan
  • give them Indonesian word
  1. The teachers do not stop, stay focused on discussing lessons or something related to the lesson
  2. Do not wait for students to write what is on the new deaf board continue. continuing the lesson, students must adjust the situation
  3. Must ensure that the equipment (eraser, board marker) is ready


I have three classes, sometimes I get a lot of questions in one class. and most importantly, I felt stuck in a session, and lacked confidence to continue the lesson. sometimes I am silent, and confused to continue the lesson. and this makes time wasted.