At my campus, the Sea-Teacher program is opened to all departments, including education and non-education

I am a student of the Accounting study program, although there are many shortcomings when I teach I prove that I can also follow this program well. especially, teaching 12th-grade high school and using English. this is a new challenge for myself

this program is very good, I can teach in foreign schools and get a lot of experience, including culture and language.

I thank the campus of my University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta (UMBY) for choosing me to join this program, and the coordinator on my campus, that I have taught the practitioners to teach because I have never taught before. thanks to the receiving university, is Pangasinan State University

thanks to my mentors, buddies, friends of arms and students I love


Hopefully, this program will get better in the future, and many will participate so that many prospective teachers are experienced and certainly improve education in ASEAN

Thank you so much