About Me



My Name is Mohamad Khoirul Anam
I am a student of Economic Faculty
With Accounting Study Program
I am from University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I want to share my experience following the Sea-Teacher program
First I know the sea-teacher program from the group on facebook (from the study program), then I contact one of the coordinators from this program. And after that, I prepare the requirements to follow the selection.

This program is opened in my campus for all faculty, including economic faculty, accounting study program. And this program is integrated with “KKN” activities in my campus. And also these activities are the first time for my campus, as much as the most of the cost of participants (depending on each campus)

At the time of the selection process, there is an interview of English and Bahasa, Including motivation, why do you follow this program and are ready to be placed in Malaysia, Philippines, or Thailand

There was the campus there about 25 people registered for this program and from some faculty

For our campus, the reception of this program is 10 people only. When in the selection, i  feel unconfident. Hehe. And finally, the next hope is an announcement of 10 participants who loved to the next stage. And I am one of the ones. Yeayyy

Next week, there is information from the program coordinator that campus gets the info that participants that can follow this activity are 2 people only, which is at Santo Tomas University (UST)

And I thought who would go to the Philippines?

Until finally, we got the latest information that there are additional 2 people again, in Roosevelt College Inc. (RCI) 1 person and Pangasinan State University (PSU) 1 person, total there are 4 people.

Then for 4 others do not continue to follow other programs, and other 6 continue to the next stage

Then, we are plotted by the coordinator for selection in this 3 campus and I get selection opportunities in the PSU with one of your friends, Petra Agastya Lintang. For PSU, just would be one people who will be accepted. After that, we have to interview with the recipient campus.

From the 6 participants, only 5 people are only accepted and will go to the Philippines

And the news, which follows the selection in the PSU, all accepted. Alhamdulillah

And the 5 people are Insan Faisal, Uun Bramastiwi, Reni Septiana, Petra Agastya and me

After following various international online interview training, blogs, culture and culture training, and also micro teaching

For teaching micro, especially for me and Petra, we may do as much 5 times with Ma’am Restu Arini, because we’re students of non-education. And this is a new experience for me.